Community | Out To Lunch Catering - Corporate Lunches & Events In Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Community Builder donations to Hope in Shadows ( who publishes yearly calendars from a photography contest and helps persons with barriers from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.
  • We supply food in support of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk for 2500 persons and donate to the United Way as well as many other causes.
  • OTL has been a long time supporter of the arts through sponsorships for the Vancouver Opera, the Vancouver Recital Society and the Vancouver Jazz Festival.
  • OTL is a member of the GLBA and supports associations such as Shooting stars (Aids support Society), Out On Screen (Supports the arts such as the Queer Film Festival) and sponsors sports (The Out To Lunch Bunch Baseball Team)
  • OTL offers complimentary training and facility tours to Community College classes who train persons in the hospitality industry.